Plasma Clean. Brand development and new website.

Since 2008, this North West based manufacturer have developed products to controlled infection, grease and odour in everything from fast-food restaurants to high-end eateries. End clients include KFC, Burger King, Brasserie Blanc, Tesco and Hilton Hotels.

We have worked closely with Plasma Clean over the past 10 years and have recently redeveloped their branding and website.

The team at Plasma Clean wanted a robust design system which would allow their in-house sales team a way of creating and managing their content over time. With this in mind, we developed the new Plasma Clean website using a templated system, allowing new pages and blog posts to be created and published easily, while still maintaining desig and brand consistency. Subtle animations, video elements and easy calls to action throughout ensure visitors find the site easy to navigate with easy methods of contact for more information and quotations.

Design development work: