Support and maintenance.

Helping you keep your website updated and safe both in terms of security and GDPR.​

Website domains and support

We advise our clients with choosing the right domain name and hosting plan for their website needs.

Our support packages are bespoke to your needs and allow you to get on with running your business knowing that security precautions are in place.

Ongoing support for your WordPress website.

1. Security

The internet is a constant battleground between your website and the hackers. It’s a cat and mouse game which have to play, and it’s one that includes strong passwords, encrypted data and constant updating of core software and plugins on your website. As part of the battle WordPress plugins, core files and themes are updated on a regular basis.

2. Plugin and Theme compatibility

WordPress core files work together with plugin files and themes to make your website work for users.  All these different elements are constantly being updated and improved.  Sometimes this can lead to a clash where an update of one, stops something working in another.  Spotting these incompatibilities early can stop potential issues with your website.

3. Backups and site restoration

What if the worst case happens and your site gets hacked?  Or your webhost goes down?  Having a backup stored on another server can save you days or even months in trying to restore a damaged, hacked or missing website. Do you have a backup plan to ensure this can’t happen?
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