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Take control of your website!


How easy is it for you to keep the content on your website up-to-date? …if you struggle, you’re not alone.

Do either of the following two scenarios sound familiar?

  • Website updates are both a hassle and an expense, because you need to ask (then wait for) your website designers to make every little tweak.
  • You can in theory make changes to your website, but people aren’t sure how to find their way around and worry they might break something.

In our experience, both these scenarios are all too common. And that’s a problem. Because even the most appealing and engaging design soon stops delivering the best results if you don’t update important information and tell potential customers what you need them to know.

That’s why we give equal importance to both what your customers see at the front end and to how you can manage the site behind the scenes.

In our team, we have two types of people: creative, and technical.  The creative side deliver strong branding, design and copy that represents your brand to customers and gets your messages across effectively. The technical side build robust, future proof websites that each include a content management system (CMS) putting you in control of those messages.

Unlike many of our competitors, we don’t simply sell you a WordPress site and tell you that WordPress is in itself an easy-to-use CMS. Instead, we create a clear structure for the layout of each of your page types and build a bespoke CMS theme around this structure. This allows you to edit content section by section, updating text and images without worrying about messing up page layout or affecting other parts of the site.

We then take you through the process step-by-step, making sure you’re confident you know exactly what to do.

As a result, making a change to the website becomes a simple, routine activity. You can be sure your messaging stays on track and your website performs its central sales role effectively.